Attempts to polarise the atmosphere in Muzaffarnagar through posters

Source: Roznama Rashtrya Sahara 20 November 2013

Muzaffarnagar (SNB): Through hard work peaceful atmosphere has returned to the district after a long period of unrest  but poster_muzaffarnagarthe enemies of peace have not taken any break. Communal forces have been adopting various methods that can pollute the atmosphere any moment.  The ‘Silent war’ that had not yet fully calmed down that a, ‘poster war’ has been initiated. Huge hoardings have been put up to provoke the other community. Last evening thousands of hoardings were put up with slogans like, ‘Hindustan Hamara hai’ (India is ours), ‘Ham do hamare 20’ (We are two, we have 20). Besides hoardings claiming from, ‘Modi Sena’ (Modi’s army) have also been erected in the city and adjoining areas with the picture of BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and BJP’s local leaders along with objectionable slogans against a particular community. Enemies of peace have been busy in such destructive activities for the last one week but the intelligence department appears to be in deep sleep. Most startling thing is that 50 posters right in front of city’s police station are bearing testimony to the fact that intelligence has failed here. Not only this, these objectionable posters have been put up in Muslim localities too so that they can be provoked. It has been learnt that many responsible personalities from the Muslim community have phoned and informed the police about these posters but police officials have taken the issue very lightly. Commenting on the situation Inspector of Local Intelligence Unit (LIU) said that he has been out of the city for the last two days.




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