About Us

Urdu that only about sixty years ago was the lingua franca of the Indian subcontinent, is now very simplistically associated with Pakistan or Muslims in north India.

So unfortunate is now the status of this language that in both countries, India in particular, Urdu press is looked upon with disdain and often accused of sensationalism and misreporting. However the fact remains that it is still a vibrant and representative language of a vast sect of the community.

Urdu Media Monitor (UMM) is a humble attempt aimed at making accessible to non-Urdu readers, by translating into English, selected articles, editorials and news items published in major Indian and Pakistani press and social media.

Depending on the contents and quality of articles, we will also translate and produce useful and educational write-ups on past events and personalities that have been deliberately and mischievously dumped and buried in the archives only to be occasionally remembered in the Urdu press.

We welcome suggestions from our readers whose appreciation and positive criticism will help us in making this site really useful.

Purely a voluntary project this site is not supported or funded by any group or organisation and is edited and owned by Mohammad Ghazali Khan.