We Cannot Stand With the Enemies of Islam

(Rt) Zakir Naik against whom there is no proof. (Left) Yogi Adityanath in whose meeting Hindus were asked to dig up the graves of Muslim women and rape them.

The incentive behind all of it is only Hate-Islam campaign.  Therefore in the face of blatantly anti-Islam forces, we stand with Doctor Zakir Naik. We cannot stand along with the enemies of the religion of Truth against a preacher of faith, writes senior Urdu journalist, Aalam Naqvi.

Aalam Naqvi

The Glorious Qur’an says: ‘Believers! Be upright bearers of witness for Allah, and do not let the enmity of any people move you to deviate from justice. Act justly, that is nearer to God-fearing. And fear Allah. Surely Allah is well aware of what you do.’ (Al-Maida, 5:8) The Prophet (SAW) says, ‘Speak the truth, no matter how bitter that truth is’ (Baihaqqi).

And has also Hazrat Ali (KW) asked the believers wherever they may be, to be fearful of Allah and speak the Truth even that Truth is bitter.

In the light of the above and despite being totally against some of the oversteps and views of Doctor Zakir Naik about the murderers of the grandson of the Prophet (SAW) and the One who would lead the young believers in the Paradise, Syedna Hussain (RTA), during the controversy that is going on at the moment, our point of view is the same that for example is of Maulana Daryabadi of Bombay and Doctor Zafrul Islam Khan, editor of Milli Gazette, Delhi. And having been generally in agreement with the brave and outspoken journalists like Ravesh Kumar and Shakeel Shamsi, we do not however agree with them now in this matter in any way at all. It is because we believe that it is neither their sincere understanding of the matter and nor the act of supporting the Truth. It is simply due to their prejudices and also their opportunism.

As for the events of 61st year of Hijrah, the Tragedy of Karbala, we are with Hussain (RTA) and his friends there and pray to Allah to grant us in the Hereafter on the Day of Judgement the intercession by him, his Great parents and his maternal Grandfather the Last and Beloved Prophet of Allah (PBUH).  However at the moment whatever is being done to Zakir Naik— who undoubtedly is an outstanding preacher of the religion of Truth i.e. Islam and who has learned all of the Divine Books, and who has also imbibed all the Bharati religious books and is thus an un-parallel philosopher of comparative religious studies –, and in the light of what is happening and taking place is not simply disrespectful to others and communalism but is blatantly a brutality and injustice. The incentive behind all of it is only Hate-Islam campaign.  Therefore in the face of blatantly anti-Islam forces, we stand with Doctor Zakir Naik. We cannot stand along with the enemies of the religion of Truth against a preacher of faith no matter which Denomination he may be belonging to!

At the moment what is being done to him by the Sangh Parivar and its sycophants is simply an example of missing and hitting the wrong target. We do not share in anyway the dirty game being played by the jaundiced terrorists and the plunderers of the country’s wealth and those who are now trying to save themselves and also the fraudulent Sanghi terrorism from the attention of the public. We cannot do anything that would benefit the Jewish and the jaundiced terrorists. We are the followers of the Book of Allah, the Prophet of Allah (PBUH) and all the friends of Allah and we are not the enemies of Allah and the Prophet of Allah (PBUH).

The Book of the Decisive Learning that is also known as the Book of Sajjadia is the famous anthology of the prayers and supplications preached by the Pious Zain-ul-Abideen, the son of Hussain (AS), and that has been translated in almost all the major languages of the world and is generally available. Imam Zain-ul-Abideen was there at the Karbala but due to his extreme ill health could not show the bravery in facing the enemy and in the end got arrested along with the women and children of the family and remained a prisoner in Kufah and Damascus. After the events of Karbala he survived for another forty years. And later whenever he was asked about the worst hardship he had faced in his life he would always say ‘Al-Sham, Al-Sham!’ And it is a historic fact that everyone knows that all of that period belonged to the murderers of his great father and their tribe and friends and their allies and not the progeny of the Prophet (PBUH), his friends or the Banu Hashim Dynasty.

At the moment in front of us is the February 2008 Lucknow edition of the anthology of those supplications. In it there is a lengthy supplication which is titled ‘Supplication of the Martyr for those who guard the borders’ and it is spread from page 237 to 242 (covering six of the pages). We present here only a few sentences from it only to tell the readers that we are the followers of Maula Zain-ul-Abideen and not of their enemies and the idolaters.

He (Maula Zain-ul-Abideen) raising his hands in subjugation of the Almighty says:

‘O, Allah! Have Your Divine Mercy on Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and his progeny and through Your Mercy and Power keep the boundaries of the Muslim lands safe, and grant strength and power to those who guard these boundaries and make them rich from Your treasures that has no limits. Grant them mutual love and unity among their organisations and groups and guide their affairs onto the right paths; And give them the insight into and alertness against the hidden conspiracies of the enemies. Put terror in the hearts of the enemies and punish those ones also who are at the back of them (so that) they also get admonished. O Allah! strengthen the plans of the believers of Islam; make their abodes safe and increase their wealth; release them from the involvements in battles and fighting so that on the face of earth there remains none but worship to Allah and no one prostrates except in subjugation to Your glory. O Allah! grant the believers victory in all their lands over the infidels fighting with them and send them help through groups of angels one after the other. O Allah! get all those enemies of Islam from different parts of the earth be them Indian, Romans, Abyssinians and others and also those from the infidel groups whose names and traits we are not aware of but you are through your knowledge and powers. O, Allah! make the Muslims safe from the oppressions of the infidels by getting them involved in fighting one against the other!

Alam Naqvi is a senior Urdu journalist and former editor of daily Urdu Times Mumbai.

Translated by Urdu Media Monitor.Com from Asia Times

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