RSS Agent Caught Collecting Money Inside the Mosque

By Raza Waris

Saharsa : A bizarre incident that took place in the Jama Masjid of Rani Bagh region of Simri-Bakhtiarpur, has left members of the minority community bewildered.

Congregators have caught a resident of Budaun, UP, red-handed in the Jama Masjid, situated at about two kilometres away from Thana Bakhtiarpur. He was reportedly collecting money for  extremist Hindu organisation RSS. They have handed him over to the police.

The Imam of the mosque Hafiz Mumtaz Rehmani told this scribe that before the Zuhar [noon] prayer the accused approached him and requested him to announce in the mosque that his mother was seriously ill and that he was collecting money for her treatment.

Imam Saheb told him that such an announcement could not be made without a proof and proper investigation. The accused then joined the prayers after which he himself made the announcement, sat at the door of the mosque and started appealing for help.

But the Imam got suspicious and asked him whom did he pray to [during the prayers] and what was the name of his Prophet. The man failed to answer these questions following which his belongings were searched in which five SIM cards and an Adhar card [an identity card Unique Identification Authority of India] were found that had his name as Govardhan Singh, Son of Ravindra Pal Singh of District Badayun.  

Imam Saheb added, ‘After these items were discovered and my suspicion was confirmed, I asked him more sternly what was he collecting the money for.’ To this the man replied, “There is Thakur Saheb in our area and he makes us collect money for RSS.”’

Imam Saheb further said, ‘Hearing his statement hundreds of the congregators who had surrounded him got enraged and wanted to beat him up. I stopped them from doing so and told them that I understood their anger and if one of our brothers was caught by RSS goons indulging in similar activity, they would have certainly lynched him to death. But Islam teaches us to contain our anger and remain peaceful. This does not behove well to us to resort to such a behaviour [and take law into our hands].  After this he was freed from the crowd and handed to the police’.

The matte is being investigated by the police.

Translated by Urdu Media Monitor from, 20 September 2019

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