Unable to Solve Najib’s Disappearance in Three years, Police Apprehends Tiwari’s Killers in the Blink of an Eye

By Shakeel Rasheed

Police that has failed in solving the disappearance of JNU student [even after three years], has [magically] discovered and arrested the killers of Kamlesh Tiwari, the leader of Hindu Samaj Party in the blink of an eye. Not only have they arrested them but have also made them confess that they have killed Kamlesh Tiwari.

All of the detainees, until now totalling 10, happen to be Muslims. Obviously, how could a Hindu [be suspected to have] killed Kamlesh Tiwari, no matter how much his mother pleads and stresses that it is BJP leader Shiv Kumar Gupta who is involved in her sons’ murder.  She may repeat it a thousand times that in Ram Janki Temple court case Gupta had threatened her son with life, why would anyone pay attention to what she says? This does not matter, either, how many times Kammlesh’s son Satyam Tiwari says that he does not trust Yogi Government’s administration and that until an inquiry by the NIA does not provide strong proofs he will not believe that the detainees are the real killers. Why would the high officials in UP police listen to hem? Once they have said that  Kamleh Tiwari’s killers have been apprehended, you will have to believe that the killers have been nailed.

However, this is difficult to believe that the case is as simple as it is being made to appear. Look at the fact that both of the [alleged] killers had donned saffron clothes. This may well be countered with an explanation that they had done so to disguise themselves. But the manner in which they also engaged in a discussion with Tiwari and Tiwari kept entertaining them with smiles and peals of laughter for an hour with tea and delicacies, and the warmth with which he had received and welcomed them suggests that they were his old acquaintances.

Even if we assume that Tiwari did not know them from before and they had managed to win his confidence and cheat him, one wonders what were his guards doing? It is said that the number of his guards had been reduced. But then, obviously, this reduction would have been brought about by the Yogi administration. [Interistengly] The guard on duty was also deep asleep at that time. [All this is enough to believe] that it was the Yogi administration that had cleared killers’ access to Tiwari.

If you look at the issue more deeply, Tiwari feared that he could be killed [by his own coreligionists]. He had committed blasphemy against Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Yet never did he say that if he was killed Muslims should be held responsible for his murder. In fact, he had pointed his fingers towards his ‘saffronite’ friends mentioning clearly that if he was killed, BJP would be responsible for this. Not only this but the name of Gupta is also coming to the fore in this case.

This raises a question: What benefit could Kamlehsh’s murder bring for BJP and Yogi government?  These benefits are very obvious. In UP byelections Togi’s prestige is at stake and this is not rocket science to understand that such incidents are always beneficial to win elections. The social and political environment gets polarised, sectarianism gets strengthened and, thus, the votes that could not be garnered before, become guaranteed to be cast in favour of the planners of these incidents.

Following Tiwari’s murder atmosphere in Lucknow remained tense. He himself was a blasphemer and foulmouthed. In his murder, uncouth and uncivilised elements launched tirades of blasphemy on twitter and other social media platforms. This will have pained and hurt the Muslims very intensely. Surely no Muslim can tolerate blasphemy against the Holy Prophet (PBUH). But then this is how the saffron coterie, the Sanghis and the saffronites manipulate elections and succeed in winning and coming to power. Therefore,  if a simple question is asked whether Kamlesh Tiwari’s murder can be politically motivated, the overwhelming response would be in affirmative. And, perhaps, this is what the truth is. Those who have been detained in this case do not appear to be the real ‘culprits’. If they are innocent, [God willing] they will be released soon and will come clean for the Holy Personality (PBUH) for following whom they have been detained was clean and great and following him makes one clean and respectable.

Translated by Urdu Media Monitor from Mumbai Urdu News, 20 October 2019

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