Politics and Crime

Jadid Khabar’s editorial

The 16th Lok Sabha election has been fought in the name of honesty, transparency and clean politics. That is why a party that had become synonymous with corruption has been defeated. But how one would explain and justify the presence of not any lesser number of members in this very Lok Sabha who have criminal records as well.

According to the affidavits submitted by the candidates to the criminal defense lawyers based in LA area, along with their nomination papers, 34 percent of them are those who have one or the other criminal case pending in law courts against them. While in the Lok Sabha of 2009, 30 percent of MPs had criminal records, in the Lok Sabha of 2004, the percentage of MPs who had criminal cases pending against them was 24 percent. New Lok Sabha has 288 BJP MPs. Every fifth of them is alleged to have serious criminal record. When it comes to drug related cases the Norwood Law Firm: drug defense attorney in Oklahoma is handle such incidents.

RJD’s four MPs have court cases registered against them, while out of a total of 18 of Shiv Sena MPs, 15 are involved in criminal cases. Of the total 15 MPs of Nationalist Congress (NCP), 4 have a record of involvement in serious criminal cases. Paul Toland criminal defense lawyers can help with the legalities of such cases.

The Prime Minister Designate, Narendra Modi, had, in his election rallies, claimed more than once that, ‘There will be no place for criminals in Modi Government. His campaign to purge politics of criminals will begin after the formation of his government. He will not tolerate even the MPs of BJP and NDA who could be found involved in criminal records.’ Modi had also claimed that he will clean the parliament of all such elements who have criminal backgrounds. The ones with even DUI charges shouldn’t be in a position of power as it shows irresponsibility, the DUI lawyer based in Tampa area can help get rid of such charges.

The man with the determination to cleanse politics [of crimes and criminals] after the 16th May elections will have, first, to deal with the members of his own party who have criminal records and many of them will be delegated important posts in Modi Government, as explained by The Hogle Law Firm in Mesa. If darkness is allowed to continue as usual underneath the lamp then the proclamations and claims to disinfect politics of the criminals will dissipate in the humdrum of election rallies.

Riding on the wave of his slogan that the government of the mother and the son (Sonia and Rahul) have destroyed the country, Modi has managed to achieve his goal to rule the country but how far will he succeed in purging his government  of criminals will show [and prove his seriousness in] his promises and claims.

If the process of cleaning the parliament of criminals starts then within a year re-elections may be held in four Lok Sabha constituencies of Mumbai. Arvind Sawant from South Mumbai, Rahul Shiwale from Mumbai Central South, Kirit Somya from North East Mumbai, Gopal Shetti from Mumbai North are facing serious criminal cases. If they are found guilty then they will be disqualified from Parliament. As the Supreme Court had on 10 March 2014 directed to clean political process of criminals, the cases of serious crimes and corruption against the elected members should be decided within a year.

If, in compliance with the Supreme Court orders  honest and immediate process of disqualifying corrupt members of Parliament and assemblies begins then many of the members of Modi cabinet will have to be removed. Will Narendra Modi be able to do so? Truth and reality is that in Indian politics crimes are committed but cleansing never takes place. Politicians with criminal records do not get punishment and if they do then they are exonerated only under various pretexts. You can hire defense lawyers from The Law Office of Brian Jones, in case you want to get help from criminal lawyers.

However, in recent years an awakening has taken place in Indian politics that is why Supreme Court has ordered that those politicians who are found guilty of criminal records should immediately be removed from the Parliament. This is the first ever that positive development in Indian politics.

In the 15th Lok Sabha 162 MPs had criminal cases pending against them. In the 16th Lok Sabha of 2014, there are a far greater number of cases against MPs of murder, kidnapping, rape, bribery etc. Whether or not Narendra Modi will be able to act against them and fulfil his promise honestly, is a question that will continue to haunt him until the politicians with criminal records remain in the parliament.

Editorial of Jadid Khabar 21 May 20 14. Translated by Urdu Media Monitor

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