The Difference between a Hindutva-Hate-Monger and an Islamic Scholar

By Abbas Hafeez Khan

‘We have vowed that if they take away one Hindu girl we will take away at least 100 Muslim girls. If they kill one Hindu, we too will kill 100 Muslims. In whatever manner they behave, we will return it with interest. But who will do that? The one who has the strength in his hands.’ (Excerpts from an old video clip from the speech of Yogi Adityanath, the present Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

They say Madrasa graduates are terrorists. But the excerpts above are from the speech of the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, a figure people feel scared of. This gentleman has been a member of parliament four times. He has been occupying a continual post of authority for the last 30 years. This is the kind of speeches he and his party colleagues make.

Maulana Imdadul Rashidi’s son, 16, Sibtulah Rashidi martyred by Hindutva famatics.

It’s alleged that madrasas produce terrorists but what we are seeing here in reality is a different story altogether.

The man who graduated from a madrasa, who spent all his making life in madrasa, received his education in a madrasa and served there as a teacher as well, Maulana Imdadul Rashidi, who is now an Imam in a mosque in Asansol, West Bengal. His statement made after losing his 16 year old son in the recent riot in Asansol needs to be heard and revered. This is what he said addressing a gathering of thousands of angry mourners, ‘I have lost my son but I do not want anyone to see a similar tragedy. I do not want any house to be burnt and destroyed. If anyone [from the Muslim community] retaliates, I will leave Asansol. If you really love and respect me, you will not even raise your fingers.’

He said, ‘I am duty bound to show people the right path and give them the message of peace. In this hour of such a personal harm I have to rise above this. I want my town to be peaceful. My son has gone but no one should be harmed because of this.’

The district administration has praised Maulana’s speech adding that if Maulana had not made such an appeal the situation could have become worse.

Maulana Rashidi’s speech is a slap on the faces of those who accuse madrasas of spreading terrorism. Madrasas produce scholars like Maulana Rashidi who, in order to stop the fire of hatred from spreading all over the country forgave the murderers of his son.

Imagine the anger in someone whose young son who had recently finished his class 10th exam has been killed. Imagine the feelings of this man who had in front of him a gathering of thousands of his followers who were ready to take revenge of the death of his son but the man tells them that if they loved him they would not retaliate. He warns them that if they retaliated he would end his 30 years relationship with them and say goodbye to them for ever.

This is the character of an Indian Muslim. This is the character of a scholar you try to ridicule by calling him a mulla and accuse them of creating trouble. These are the people of perseverance and tolerance. This is the class that played leading role in the freedom struggle of the country and whose contribution and sacrifices have been removed from history books now.

This is a glaring example of what the Indian Muslims are like. Let all those who keep accusing the Muslims of all the evils open their eyes and see the reality. Ask the mischief mongers who is it that cares for and an asset to the country and who harms it by creating hatred.

Translated and slightly edited by Urdu Media Monitor.Com from Video blogger Abbas Hafeez Khan’s Facebook

One thought on “The Difference between a Hindutva-Hate-Monger and an Islamic Scholar

  • Prof P Koya Calicut

    May be the moulana was too afraid to tell anything else.Don’t glorify it.


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