Modi, Amit and Varun

Inquilab’s editorial on 2nd April 2013Modi_Rannath_Amit

The message given by Rajnath Singh by including Modi, Amit Shah and Varun Gandhi in Parliamentary Party is so clear that even those who have little understanding of politics will not have any difficulty in recognising his preferences and the path he is going to adopt during his election campaign in 2014.

As for his gimmicks Modi needs no introduction. For many years he has been skilfully trying to hide his tricks with the propaganda of progress and development. The dark marks of his tricks are so deep though that the thick gloss of progress and development is failing to cover them. Not only is the justice-loving section in the country angry with him but to explain the negative image he carries internationally it would be suffice to say that his promotion, no matter how high it is, will not help him in changing his image as an accused.

As Modi’s right-hand man Amit Shah did not reach to the height of notoriety as much as he did in the Sohrabuddin, Kausar Bi and Prajapati encounters. In this case he was arrested and went behind the bars too. As if this humiliation was not enough, he had to face ban from entering in his own state, Gujarat. We remember how, in order to protect himself, Amit Shah had made weak please of fading memory. We have no clue about the present state of his memory. However, if his memory is still in the fading process on what basis has Rajnath Singh has coopted Amit Shah in his team? Perhaps Rajnath Singh has forgotten that Amit Shah is on bail and if his bail is rejected he will again be behind bars.

Varun is known for his hatful speech. His infamous speech, “the finger that is raised will be chopped off”, delivered in 2009, gave him negative front-page headlines. Indeed he has become the youngest ever General Secretary of BJP but, perhaps, Rajnath Singh has not yet been able to take assurance from him that he would weigh his words before opening his mouth and that he would bear in mind that in this democratic country constitution and law are supreme. There is no jungle raj here.

To be precise, by rewarding Modi, Amit and Varun, Rajnath Singh has given a message that even if someone is ill-famed, has spent time in prison and is a convict, he is welcome to hold high positions in the BJP because to this party electoral gains are dearer than its image. This is also clear that the party is keen to readopt its old Hindutva postures. The past bears testimony to the fact that at times BJP has fully embraced Hindutva while at other occasions it has thrown away this cover and tried to become a secular party. Kavva jab hans ki chal chalta hai to apni asal chalk kho bethta hai. This is exactly what has happened with BJP. Now there is no use of its deluding itself into thinking that playing a hard-line Hindutva card can get it more seats. The aforesaid three personalities belong to hard-line Hindutva core. Therefore, another message that Rajnath Singh has tried to send through their promotions is related to saffron influence over the party. Alas, at a time when Congress is in a weak position BJP has failed to assess and understand its prospects. It has proved that it is devoid of the ability to take everyone on board. It’s completely barren of such a quality.

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