Paharhganj Masjid Shora Kothi is in the possession of non-Muslim Occupants since 1947

Where are the keeper carers of the Waqf properties?  What is the use of Waqf Board?

By Syed Ainain Ali Haq

(Published in Qaumi Salamati, 28 April 2013)

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Masjid Paharhganj

New Delhi, 27 April: Illegal occupancy of the Delhi Mosques has become a matter of serious thought. When some self serving interested parties raise an issue of a mosque then their main purpose in this context is to keep their political interest as a target. One mosque that was canon-blasted and demolished by the English some two hundred years ago and then was bulldozed under the rubble is now become a matter of contention between the rightful and the imposters both; but no one is paying any attention to the ones that exist there in body and structure. Practically there now remains no difference between the terrorist groups and the Waqf Board. The thin difference that now exists between the two is that terrorist organisations directly target Muslim places of worship and demolish mosques but the Waqf Board in today’s world is proving to be the enemy within. Waqf Board is willing to let the non-Muslims wilfully usurp the lands owned by the Board. Waqf Board is aware of the numerous Delhi mosques but no serious effort is being made to get them retrieved.

Paharhganj is a Delhi’s district where are numerous mosques that are in the possession of non-Muslims. Only a little effort is required to get these mosques evacuated by the illegal occupants because there are some of the mosques that are fully identifiable but the Waqf Board does not have the will to work for the retrieval of these God’s houses. Here I am referring to the ‘Masjid Shora Kothi’ that happens to be in front of house No. 5486 in the district of Paharhganj Shora Kothhi. About three hundred years old this mosque still retains its identity, its pulpit is also there and a window has been opened. This correspondent tried to talk to the non-Muslim occupant of the mosque on phone but it could not be possible. An employee was working there. Presently the sitting occupant is trading in furniture. Up till now the Waqf Board has not made any contact with that occupant. This correspondent has inspected the mosque and has talked with some people who happened to be there. Half of the mosque’s structure has been defaced and occupied. This correspondent talked to the president of All Hind Imam Association in Paharhganj, Maulana Sajid Rasheedi with reference to Masjid Shora Kothi. He said ‘the mosque encompasses about three hundred square yards half of that area has been usurped. We have talked to the person who has been occupying this area more than twice and I have informed the Waqf Board as well. I have asked him to vacate the mosque and offered him some money as well. It appears that he may vacate the premises if properly asked. He says, ‘why only you ask me to do so, while the Waqf Board people have inspected the place but have said nothing. No notice has ever been served by the Waqf Board to vacate the place because it is a mosque’. It is highly essential for the Delhi Waqf Board to take part in this case and only then this mosque can be saved. In case the occupant refuses to do so then the Waqf Board’s CEO should try to get it vacated under Article 55 of the Constitution with the help of the Force. Waqf Board has the right to use this Act but this right is not being used. Members of the Waqf Board should keep inspecting this mosque regularly so that it deters the occupant and repossession of Masjid Shora Kothi becomes possible. Since 2007 I have been seeing this mosque in the same position. The occupant says that his father entered this mosque in 1947.’

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