Is Muzaffarnagar going to be repeated in rest of UP?

Following reports show the alarmingly deteriorating law and order situation UP and the freedom given to Hindutva elements to incite, humiliate and insult Muslims at will. Urdu press had reported similar incidents from western UP several months before Muzaffarnagar riots. Is following pattern a prelude to more pogroms in rest of the state?  


Devgaon/Mubarakpur(Azamgarh) (SNB)

Translated from  Roznama Rashtriya Sahara, 25 November 2013

After the riots of Muzaffarnagar, now Azamgarh is the target of trouble-makers and if the government fails to take immediate and effective action then in the near future the communal harmony in the district may be disturbed and any large scale accident can happen for which the miscreants have been active. There have been two such cases in the District of Azamgarh. First the trouble creators have tried to inflame communal passions in Devgaon  by urinating on the walls of a mosque and then tried to do the same inside the mosque and incite riots but due to the exceptional restraint by the Muslims at the provocation and by timely action by the police both the incidents were kept under control. However tension exists in the whole of the vicinity and if this state of affairs continues then anytime large scale incident can happen.

Similarly in Sethaon, a part of Mubarakpur, the miscreants tried to stoke trouble by writing Jai Shri and Jai Bajrang Bali slogans on the walls of a mosque but in this case as well Muslims did not lose their patience. Later last night a member of Hindu Vahini, Ashok Parjapati and his two accomplices entered and urinated inside the mosque. SPA leader Shamim Ahmed informed the police station about the incident but the inspector after dilly dallying went to the crime scene one hour later and started showing temper at the Muslims instead. At this Muslims got enraged and demanded the arrest of the perpetrators. In view of the seriousness of the situation the station officer did arrest Parjapati but kept him in the police custody with full honour and respect and, in order to facilitate his bail, registered a case against him under Section 151 of Criminal Procedure Code.  Parjapati was released on bail.

Mubarakpur: In the SethaoN village, under Mubarakpur Police area, provocateurs upon the use of loudspeaker for prayers entered into a Mosque and painted the walls with slogans of, ‘Jai Sri Ram’ and ‘Jai Bagrang Bali’.  Muslims’ restraint and patience foiled the plans of the provocateurs. Following the incident police held some of the perpetrators in custody who, after negotiations between the two parties, were released. The detainees included Sunil Gupta S/O Chedi, Tallu aka Sunil S/O Sunil Gupta and Jai Parkash S/O Jhangri Verma. Giving some details of the incident Imam of the mosque Qari Muhammad Saria said that at about 10 o’clock around 100 members of the majority community had entered into the mosque.


Translated from: Roznama Rashtriya Sahara, 25 November 2013

Angry mourners outsidedeceased  Mufti Munawwar's house
Angry mourners outsidedeceased Mufti Munawwar’s house

The case of the death of Mufti Munawwar Qasmi, 25, of Nonabari village, (that comes under Badgaon police station of Kandhla) could only be resolved after being registered as a murder case. Munfti Munwwar was buried at about 12 o’clock on Sunday after 16 hours of great interaction amid tight security. During this a large police contingent from Saharanpur and Shamli remained deployed.

The death of Mufti Munawwar had been reported to the police by a farmer, Madan Pal, from village Bhimbhasa on Saturday who had gone to his farms and saw the dead body of a young man hanging by a mango tree.

After the identification of the dead body police informed the family of the deceased. However, it is being alleged that the police had registered a case of suicide and sent the dead body for post-mortem even before family members could arrive at the police station.   Post-mortem report gives the cause of the death as suffocation.

On Saturday as the dead body was brought to the deceased’s village, residents rejected what they called fabricated stories of Kandhla police and demanded that high police officials come to the village. Villages refused to carry the burial until the Station Officer of Kandhla was not suspended and the case was not registered as a sectarian murder.

High officials of civil and police administration remained camped in the village during the night but the anger of the villagers did not subside. Samajwadi Party’s Lok Sabha candidate from Saharanpur Imran Masood, Nazar Mohammad Qasmi of Jami’at-ul-ulema-Hind, Ziauddin Ansari and Afzal Jamal Faizi etc. also reached the village and tried to console deceased’s family members but until late night no settlement could be arrived at.

On Sunday morning acting police captain Anis Ahmed Ansari, SP Dr Dharam Veer Singh, ADM Dinesh Chandra, Deoband SDM Rajesh Singh, CO Nirkar Singh once again approached the villagers and after long deliberations villagers agreed to have the case registered as sectarian murder and adequate compensation paid to deceased’s family.  ADM Dinesh Singh’s assurance mollified the village residents and following a written complaint by deceased’s paternal uncle Zakir S/O Ishaq, he ordered Bargaon Police Station to register the case.

In his complaint deceased’s uncle said that on 22 November 2013 his nephew S/O Abdul Hakeem, had, after offering Friday prayers, left home at about 2 o’clock for Kandhla. On 23 November they were informed by police that Mufti Munawwar’s dead body was found hanging with a tree in the forest of Bheembisa village. Deceased’s father Abdul Hakeem, along with some others from his village, immediately left for Kandhla police station where they found deceased Munawwar’s beard having been shaved and there were marks of injuries on his body which shows that his nephew had been beaten to death and then hanged with the tree.

Only after the case was registered as sectarian murder did the villagers agree to perform last rites and at 12.00 O’clock, Mufti Munawwar was buried.


Sarahanpur: SNB

Translated from: Roznama Rashtriya Sahara, 27 November 2013

Jameeat's delegation
Jameeat’s delegation

A delegation of Jameeat-ul-Ulema (M), led by District President Maulana Zahoor Ahmad has met SSP (Senior Superintendent of Police) Opendra Agarwal and complained about the abuse, ridicule of Muslim women and men wearing caps and sporting beards at the hands of hooligans and trouble makers in a roadways bus leaving Badol for Gangoh.

He told the SSP when he reported the incident to the Station Officer of Gangoh police station and requested him to take action against the culprits and adopt measures to stop such crimes in future; the officer rejected the incident as fake. The delegation also briefed the SSP about the abuse hurled at Munawwar, a resident of Kanda village who was travelling the previous day in a train going to Saharanpur via Shamli. The SSP was urged to take steps to curb such provocative incidents in busses and trains and discipline the SO (Station officer) of Gangoh who had called these incidents as fake.

The delegation also demanded that the inquiry into the murder of Mufti Munawwar Qasmi, a resident of village Nanota of District Saharanpur  to be conducted in Saharanpur instead of Muzaffarnagar and the SO of Kandhla police station who had registered the incident as a suicide case be suspended.

The delegation stressed that such provocative incidents may pollute the communal harmony of the District. The delegation included Jameeat’s district president Maulana Shahid Mazahiri, Hakeem Musharraf, Waseem Thanwi, Hafiz Saeed Deobandi, Qari Saleem Deobandi and others.  The delegation also handed a memorandum addressed to the DIG.

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