Despite a Petition Pending in the High Court Subedar Ishrat Ali’s Family Forced to Evacuate Military Quarter

Military Police Takes out Household Possessions and loads  on a vehicle. Shahnaz roams around with her possessions until late night

New Delhi (SNB): Military Police today ejected forcefully the family of Subedar Maulvi Ishrat Ali of Rajputana Rifle in his absence from their quarter in Delhi cantonment.Subedar_Ishrat Ali's quarter

Subedar Ishrat Ali had been issued a notice for disobedience for refusing to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’ and ‘Jai Mata di’ instead of ‘Jai Hind’ and had filed a petition in the High Court against the orders to evacuate immediately his quarter.

Military Police did not allow the police to enter the house that had been called by dialling 100. Maulvi Subedar Ishrat Ali’s wife Shehnaz Bano told Rashtriya Sahara, ‘Today in the afternoon at about 12.30 some 35-40 personnel of military police, including women police officers, entered the house. They pushed and forced me and my daughters out. Then they started throwing out the household possessions much of which has been damaged.’

According to Shahnaz Bano when she called the police by dialling 100, military police did not let the Delhi police in. ‘After this military police called a tempo and loaded our possessions on it saying, “Go wherever you want to go.”

‘My husband is in Bikaner and son is not home. Where will I go with my possessions? Give me at least one week but they did not budge and got us ejected from the centre.’ I said.

‘No one in the 3 Raj Rif Centre helped us. Hungry and thirsty for hours we stood there but no one even offered us a glass of water.’

She added, ‘With no option available to us, after a long wait we came to Sagar Pur where a friend of my son lives. My possessions are still on the tempo and son has gone in search of a house to rent.’

Shahnaz Bano further said, ‘We are being treated like this because my husband refused to obey his officers and chant ‘Jai Mata di’ and ‘Jai Shri Ram’ instead of ‘Jai Hind’.

In the meanwhile Kapil Deo, retired from Raj Rif, phoned Rashtriya Sahara and said, ‘I regard Subedar Ishrat Ali as my teacher. This behaviour of army officers with him is absolutely wrong. No one can be forced to act against his religion like this.’

Citing the example of Vice President Mohammad Hamid Ansari Kapil said, ‘He had also refused to worship in a temple which is his right. Similarly Maulvi Subedar Ishrat Ali cannot be forced to chant ‘Jai Mata di’. The slogan of ‘Jai Hind’ was coined by Subhash Chandra Bose and to oppose this slogan is akin to insulting Netaji.’

Subedar Ishrat Ali, working as a Maulvi with Rajputana Rifle, was transferred on 16th November 2013 to Rajputana Rifle Bikaner. His wife Shahnaz Bano is a heart patient and is being treatment at Base Hospital Delhi cantonment. In Bikaner there is a military hospital but it does not have cardiology department. On this basis Ishrat Ali had applied to stop his transfer but his application was rejected. Later, on 24 January 2014, he joined Bikaner Rajputana Rifle immediately after which he was ordered to vacate his military quarter P-13/8, Delhi Cantonment.

Translated from Rashtriya Sahara, 9 October 2014 by Urdu Media Monitor.Com

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3 thoughts on “Despite a Petition Pending in the High Court Subedar Ishrat Ali’s Family Forced to Evacuate Military Quarter

  • Razi Ashraf

    The situation in India is truly getting out of hand for the Muslim minority not that it was very good during Congress rule. But at least a little better. Ever since the coming into power of the BJP police, army most of whom are RSS members and even members of the public have taken for granted that anything can be done to the Muslims today. It was the greatest fault of the Congress not to clamp down on the BJP and have Modi the architect of the Gujarat genocide and ban him permanently from politics. They had all the evidence in the form of witnesses like Zakia Jaffrey to implicate him in crimes against humanity. But why were they dithering is a matter of incomprehensible magnitude. They seemed afraid of him or was there some other force controlling them! This was the greatest blunder in the history of Indian politics and now the whole of India is paying the price in the form of communal disharmony as Muslims are the worst sufferers.The army is supposed to safeguard the citizens of India and here they are behaving like brutal cowards and criminals.The police are the same. They pick on young Muslim youth and arrest them without charge and imprison them,torture them. Some 350 Muslim youth in the state of Maharashtra alone are known to have died in police custody according to official research. This can’t be a co-incidence. Women and youth in Kashmir constantly live n fear from the para military forces who rape,torture and kill them at the slightest pretext.Disappearances of Muslim are common and ‘encounters’ has become an interesting word.

    Just a couple of days ago a Muslim youth of 11 years was burnt alive by two army men as he was seen in the military area of Mehdipatnam,Hyderabad,South India! Probably because his name was Mustafa. He was doused with kerosene and burnt him alive. The boy was so badly burnt that he succumbed to this fatal attack and died a day later. Now this tells you very clearly that these RSS Hindus whether they hold official designations or not,military personnel or police.They are all the same. Recalling history taught by their bigoted masters they are thoroughly ignorant and biased as they are now seeking revenge on innocent Indians who happen to be Muslims.
    Now this incident about
    Now this shameful incident about a decent Muslim family being kicked out of their residence just because Subedar Ishrat Ali did not desire to chant ‘jai mata ki’,’jai shri Ram’. This was his religious right under the constitution of India which is being insulted by these RSS fanatics. Why don’t these Hindus chant ‘Allah hu Akbar’? Why bring religion into duty. This only proves very clearly that India’s army too is just as bigoted as the politicians. They are all the same. The country is infested with religious bigots and stinks of hate and evil. It is not a democracy anymore.But officially it still is . So something has to be done before it is to late. They might even change the constitution officially and make it a ‘Hindu republic of India’ which in a way it is. This is what the founders of Pakistan feared. They had a strong premonition that these things will happen after the British left. Partition saved the would be hapless Muslims but unfortunately considering the size, geographical disparity and variety of the culture and language of the then Muslim population agree that it was not a totally practical solution. It was a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea.
    Muslims of India need not despair. They are a good 180 million officially.They need to really organize themselves under a very powerful leader with a good rhetorical capacity. Unfortunately there are not many brave political leaders with the sole exception of the Owaisi brothers of Hyderabad. Akbaruddin Owaisi appears the ideal person although he is accused of being a ‘trouble maker’ or talking too much’ etc. Everything he utters is right. The Muslims must rally behind him with full vigor so that they become a force in India to reckon with. Otherwise there is no hope for the Muslims of India. They will die like dogs without any dignity and protection. There is a saying ‘Better to die on your feet than live on your knees’
    What is required in India is a revolution by the Muslims against the present tyranny ,injustice and oppression against them. The basic teaching in the Quran is to fight against oppression and justice. Otherwise do not call yourself a Muslim. May you succeed with the blessings of Allah.

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