After Sharjeel Who Will be Godi Media’s and Police’s Next Target?

Sharjeel and others like him have neither committed any crime that can be interpreted as seditious nor have they provoked anyone else to adopt such a path. The media and Government’s onslaught against them is nothing but the reflection of their Islamophobia. And if you have also fallen victim to their propaganda, then just wait till the next target is revealed. Sambit Patra has already presented the names of twelve Muslim women as anti-India.

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Shaheen Bagh’s Slogans Resound in London

LONDON: Except that there was no Delhi police to harass and intimidate the protesters, the vicinity of Downing Street—where the official residence of British Prime Minister is— today briefly presented the scene of Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh where thousands of diasporic Indians representing various faiths and ethnicities assembled to march to Indian High Commission to protest against the ignoble CAA and NRC.

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