Clouds of Doubts, Suspicions and fears Loom over Sufi Conference


Tomb of Ala Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Raza Khan, Bareilly


Many of India’s leading scholars and religious dignitaries will not be attending

Mumbai’s Sunni organisations warn the community of the dangers of Sufi Conference

Mumbai, 9 March (Jadid Khabar Bureau): While the clouds of doubts, suspicions and fears were already looming over the Sufi conference and seminar to be held in Delhi from 17-20 March, the whole conference now looks dodgy in the light of questions raised by scholars and luminaries of Ahl-e-Sunnat about the purpose of it.

The statement issued by the All India Sunni Jami-at Ulema, Maharashtra State, confirms the view that the Sufi Conference in question is being patronised by some forces that want to put the Indian Muslims in a centrifugal testing situation as regards their ideology, sect and sectarianism.

The statement also raises questions about crores of rupees to be spent on the food and lodging of delegates in five star hotels. The statement also questions the attendance of controversial scholars in the conference and as well mentions the anger among Muslims with reference to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s attendance in the conference.

It should be noted that Mr Modi will be the chief guest in the conference.

The organisers of Sufi Conference have themselves admitted that they have active support of the Government.

A statement issued yesterday claims that individuals associated with khanqahi nizam [monastic system] from abroad will be attending the Sufi Conference. However, the statement issued by the leading ahl-e-sunnat scholars from Mumbai makes it clear that no one from the three major centres of ahl-e-sunnat (Bareilly Sharif, Badaun Sharif, Jamia Ashrafia Mubarakpur) will be attending the conference.

The reason given for the non-attendance of the representatives of theses Sunni centres has been described as their personal decisions, taken in view of the possible religious and political harm the conference could cause in future and thus the Indian Muslims may be protected from that looming danger.

Below is the full text of the statement of these active Sunni scholars. At the end names of the signatories have also been given.

‘Questions about the International Sufi Conference and Seminar to be held in Delhi from 17-20 March are being asked by Muslims as who will bear the cost of crores of rupees that will be spent on.

‘Who will pay the expenses of travel, food and lodging in five star hotels of about 100 foreign scholars and luminaries?

‘These questions are particularly being asked because there is no information from anywhere in the country of funds being collected for this purpose.

‘This Conference will also be attended by Professor Tahirul Qadri. Some of his ideas and views have been severely censured by leading scholars and luminaries of Pakistan and none of the recognised and responsible scholar of either sect likes Prof Tahirul Qadri’s activities nor do they support him. Many of the Indian scholars and luminaries also are upset because of his attendance.

‘Shri Narendra Modi will inaugurate and address the seminar as well. The news of the attendance of Shri Modi in this Conference and an address by him has already angered the Muslims. And because of the attendance of Shri Narendra Modi and Professor Tahirul Qadri none of the leading Indian scholars and luminaries is going to attend the Conference.

‘We are fully sure that none of the scholars and luminaries of leading centres of ahl-e-sunnat or any nominated representatives of them will be attending the Conference and the seminar. Anyone can contact them and testify this.

[Their names are as follows]:

From Bareilly Sharif:

Hazrat Allama Mufti Mohammad Akhtar Raza Qadri Azhari

Maulana Subhan Raza

From Badaun:

Maulana Abdul Hameed Salim Mian,

From Al Jamiatul Ashrafia Mubarakpur District Azamgarh:

Maulana Abdul Hafeez Azeezi, Rector

Maulana Muhammad Ahmad Azmi Misbahi

Maulana Mufti Nizamuddin Rizvi Misbahi

From the khanqas of Marehra Sharif, dedicated to and working for the promotion of Jamat-e-Ahl-e-sunnat for centuries

Syed Ameen Mian Qadri Sajjadah Nashin Khanqah ka takia and his younger brother Syed Najib Haider Mian Qadri, Sajjada Nasheen Khanqah Barkatiah Nooria

From Kachocha Sharif

Maulana Syed Mohammad Mian

Maulana Mohammed Syed Mohammad Hashmi Mian.

‘These are only few of the names in addition to whom several scholars and luminaries of Ahl-e-sunnat will not attend the seminar or the Conference because in our view these gentlemen have themselves taken the decision not to attend the Conference in view of the possible religious and political harm [to Muslims] of this Conference. May Allah SWT protect the Indian Muslims from the impending danger.’

Maulana Maqsood Ali Khan Noori, General Secretary All India Sunni Jamiate Ulema,

Alhaj Mohammad Saeed Noori, Founder and rector Raza Academy

Maulana Khaleel-ur-Rahman Noori, President All India Tanzeem Aimma Masajid

Maulana Waliullah Sharifi, President Shareh Buhkhari Foundation

Maulana Amanullah Raza Noori, Alla India Aimma Masajid Council

Maulana Ashfaq Qadri President All India Tanzeem Ulema-e-Islam Delhi

Translated from Jadid Khabar, 10 March 2016, by Urdu Media Monitor.Com

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